2020/01/01 News Release: INFOOT 2



We are thrilled to announce that we launch INFOOT 2 today.

A number of updates are made and INFOOT 2 has become much more sophisticated than the previous generation.

The price has become more affordable whilst adding a variety of functions.
We believe INFOOT 2 will attract a broader range of customers and provide the best scanning to every one of them.

∗ The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Major new functions

  1. Coverless scanning
  2. INFOOT 2 no longer needs a foot cover to block light.
  3. Fast scanning
  4. The scanning speed has been improved by the factor of four.
  5. Affordability and accuracy
  6. The scanning accuracy has been improved dramatically while ahicving much more competitive price.


  1. Newly developed capture board
  2. We have developed a new image capture board which is dedicated to INFOOT 2.
    Because of this, 8 cameras attached to INFOOT 2 can capture images simultaneously.
  3. Noiseless
  4. INFOOT 2 adopts belt-drive mechanism, so it makes less noise than former one.
  5. USB 3.0
  6. USB 3.0 is used to achive fast scanning, so a PC with USB3.0 is required to operate INFOOT 2.
  7. OPTION: Body Color
  8. Body repaint is available as option.
  9. Combination with our services
  10. Likewise the older generation of INFOOT, INFOOT 2 can maximize its value with combination of Fitting & Reviews, Foot Analysis and the other I-Ware Lab's Web services.

Scainning Sample


Name 3D Foot Scanning System
Product Name INFOOT 2
Product Model IFU2-S-01
Dimensions 633(L)×350(W)×300(H)(mm)
Power Supply 100-240V ±10% ∼50/60Hz (AC adapter included)
Power Consumption DC24V/5A (Max 120W)
Body Weight 24kg
Temperature 15-40°C
Humidity 35-60%
Installation Location Indoor use only
Scan Speed 60-120 mm/sec (about 2 second for each foot)
Processing Time 15-20 sec per foot (In case 8 or more logical prosessors are used.)
Accuracy 1.0mm step : Y(W)-Z(H)=1mm, X(L)=2mm
0.5mm step : Y(W)-Z(H)=1mm, X(L)=1mm
Data Format FBD (Original Binary Format)
Scan Area 400(L)×200(W)×150(H) mm
Scanning Target Human Foot, Landmarks
(It may not be possible to scan objects which absorb laser or are lustrous.)
Foot Maximum Size L=380mm, W=180mm
Maximum Weight 200kg
PC Requirements
OS Microsoft Windows 10 (32 bit, 64 bit)
CPU x86compatible 2.6GHz and 8 logical processors or more
Memory 4GB or more
Interface USB3.0 ×1, USB2.0 ×1 (USB3.0 for Scanner, USB2.0 for Dongle)
Screen Resolution 1024×768 pixels or more (1280×800 ore more recommended)
Storage 20 MB free space for INFOOT software installation required. (Approcimately 1MB is used when saving foot data)
Connecting Conditions To connect the PC and the scanner, prepare for an USB3.0 cable with the length less than 2.0m.
In case a longer cable than 2.0m is necessary, extend the cable with USB3.0 hub or an active repeater cable.
The scanner is not guaranteed to run in case the hub, cable and an active repeater cable other than the ones I-Ware specifies are used.

Dimensions (Unit:mm)

INFOOT 2 Dimensions